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De Kuip in Rotterdam is often called the most beautiful stadium in Holland. What is certain is that De Kuip, which opened on 27 March 1937, is the most beautiful stadium in Rotterdam. De Kuip is the home base of one of Holland’s top football clubs, Feyenoord. It has a long and rich football history.

  • Experience the special ambiance.
  • Visit the ‘holy grass’ of De Kuip.
  • Learn about the history of Feyenoord with the interactive displays at the museum.
Van Zandvlietplein 1
3077AA Rotterdam
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Experience the atmosphere of De Kuip for yourself by attending a Feyenoord match. The stadium’s history is best explored by taking a tour and visiting the adjacent museum.  

Tour and museum

A tour of De Kuip takes you to all of the special places in the stadium that are normally seen only by the players. You will visit the VIP terrace and the ‘sacred grass’ and walk through the painted players’ tunnel.

The Feyenoord Museum has an interactive exhibition exploring the rich history of the football club and stadium. It also devotes attention to the matches played here by the national ‘Oranje’ team and various Champions’ Cup, UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and UEFA Cup finals.

Visit De Kuip

Two-hour tours are organised from Wednesday through to Saturday. If you want to be certain of the guided tour, it is best to book in advance via the website. You can also inquire about the packages, combining a De Kuip tour with a Spido tour or a Feyenoord match.

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