View from the water Willemsbrug Rotterdam
© Z. Jacobs via Shutterstock


This bright red bridge with a total span of 318 meters connects the northern section of Rotterdam with the southern part of the city. The ‘Willemsbrug’ (Willems Bridge) was opened in 1878 and completely renovated in 1981.

  • Rotterdam is famous for its countless bridges.
  • This remarkable red bridge constituted the main road across the Meuse for years.
  • Rent a bike or car and go for a ride through Rotterdam.

Rotterdam’s infrastructure

The Willems Bridge, designed by  architect A. Veerling, used to dominate the Rotterdam skyline. For a long time, it was the most important connection over the Meuse river.

Nowadays, Rotterdam’s infrastructure counts several major connections. The Maastunnel is a tunnel over one kilometer long and dates from 1942. The new symbol of Rotterdam is the  Erasmus Bridge that opened in 1996.

Take a Ride

Rent a bike or a car and take a ride around Rotterdam. Discover how a gigantic city has grown around the immense Meuse river. Enjoy the views of modern Rotterdam from bridges like the ‘Willemsbrug’.

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