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The Prison Gate Museum

The Hague has been the political heart of the Netherlands for centuries. The Prison Gate Museum, however, proves that the way politics is conducted has changed immensely over time. Between 1428 and 1828, the gatehouse was a prison to many famous regents.

  • Listen to exciting stories about political conspiracies in the history of Holland.
  • Visit the location where many famous Dutch regents were imprisoned.
  • Discover all about life in the cells and the punishments imposed on the prisoners.
Buitenhof 33
2513AH The Hague
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Exciting Stories and Torture Works

Visit the Prison Gate Museum and you will hear the exciting stories of political conspiracies, punishments of prisoners and life in the cells of the Prison Gate. As the Hague is the International City of Peace and Justice you’ll also learn more about the history of criminal justice in the Netherlands.

Tours at the Prison Gate Museum

The best way to get to know the Prison Gate Museum is by taking a guided tour. Tours in English are only held on Sundays. Take into account that the gatehouse has many narrow stairways and isn’t wheelchair accessible.

Watch this video: Prison Gate Museum

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