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Squares of The Hague

The Royal Residence, The Hague, is home to many beautiful and historic squares. This article only discusses the top 6 squares located in the city center, which are within ten minutes walking distance from each other.

  • Visit the political heart of Holland: the Binnenhof.
  • Shoot a great pic at the beautiful lane Lange Voorhout.
  • Enjoy a drink at the square Grote Markt or Plein.


‘Het Binnenhof’ has been the political heart of the Netherlands for centuries. The buildings of Het Binnenhof, such as the ‘Ridderzaal’ (Hall of Knights), the First and Second Chamber of Parliament and the Prime Minister’s ‘little tower’ are well worth your time.


‘Het Buitenhof’ is situated next to ‘Het Binnenhof’ and is a great place to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat. In summertime you can sit outside at one of the many outdoor cafés. There’s also a cinema, in case you’re in for a movie.

Het Plein

Also situated next to ‘Het Binnenhof’, but on the other side, is ‘Het Plein’. This historic square offers grand buildings and many lunchrooms and restaurants during the daytime. At night, however, the same venues transform in cafes and clubs. Het Plein is one of the main nightlife hotspots in The Hague.

De Plaats

‘De Plaats’ is one of the smaller squares in The Hague. It is located opposite the ‘Hofvijver’ and is a mixture of restaurants, lunchrooms and shops. Many historical events took place on this square as it is next to the former Gate Prison.

Het Lange Voorhout

You can make dozens of great pictures throughout the year at the ‘Lange Voorhout’. The most characteristic features are the linden trees, the majestic Hotel Des Indes and the former royal palace, which is home to the Escher collection these days. In spring thousands, of crocuses bring color to the square.

De Grote Markt

Throughout the centuries the market square of The Hague has transformed into a grand outdoor café  surrounded by bars and clubs. From early in the morning, until late at night you’ll find people having a good time here. In the summertime, the ‘Grote Markt’ is often home to musical events.

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