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The Hague Royal walking tour

The Hague is not just our government city. The Dutch royal family also has strong ties with this beautiful, sophisticated court capital. From William of Orange and Prince Maurice to the current royal family, The Hague has always been much loved by royalty.

  • Walk past the royal history of The Hague.
  • Discover palaces, special churches and gardens.
  • Visit the Binnenhof, the political center of Holland.

Lange Voorhout

This beautiful city tour takes you past many royal monuments. The walk starts on the Lange Voorhout in front of the Lange Voorhout Palace, which is also known as the Escher Museum. Continue past Hotel des Indes and the Supreme Court of the Netherlands to the Kloosterkerk church, where Princess Ariane was baptised. Turn into the Heulstraat towards the Noordeinde. Don’t forget to visit cigar specialty shop Gerard de Graaff, which counted many members of the Royal family and even Sir Winston Churchill among its customers.

Grote Kerk

After viewing Noordeinde Palace, turn into the Molenstraat. Turn right at the end of the street. After a short walk along the Prinsestraat, you will see the Palace Gardens to your right. If you look hard enough, you may even catch a glimpse of the Royal Stables behind the gardens, which house the carriages and famous Golden Coach of the royal family.

Return to the Prinsestraat and continue on your path until you reach the Grote Kerk (‘big church’) and old city hall. The birth of the Dutch princesses was registered at the city hall. Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard as well as Pieter and Margriet van Vollenhoven were wed in the Grote Kerk. Walk back across the Buitenhof. You can also visit the Prison Gate Museum (Gevangenpoort) and Binnenhof. This is where you will learn about the political past of the city, which is so closely connected to the royal family.

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