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3x museums in Volendam

Would you like to know about the history of the fishing village Volendam? Then you’ll certainly enjoy visiting a museum while in Volendam. We’ve listed three of them for you.

  • Learn about the rich history and folklore of this village in Volendams museum.
  • See how eels were traditionally smoked at Palingsound Museum.
  • Try some Volendam cheese at the Cheese Factory Volendam.

1. Volendams Museum

Volendams Museum teaches its visitors about the rich history and folklore of this famous fishing village. Find out why Volendam is so popular, and avail yourself of the opportunity to visit the cigar band house, where a local monk, long passed, painstakingly created amazing mosaics using 11 million cigar bands.

2. Palingsound Museum and eel smokehouse

This museum is all about the famous so-called palingsound: a genre of music characteristic of Volendam (hence the name: palingsound means “eel sound”), and from which many Dutch talents emerged. It also demonstrates traditional eel-smoking, which means that you can also try some smoked eel – it’s heavenly.

3. Cheese Factory Volendam

The Cheese Factory is a cheese factory and museum rolled into one. It shows the evolution of cheese-making and how the authentic Volendam cheese was prepared. Naturally, these delicious, freshly made cheeses are available for tasting and purchase.

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