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Sights in Volendam

Volendam, the authentic fishing village just north of Amsterdam, is a great place to visit all year round, with a great many sights worth seeing and things worth doing.

  • Visit one of the museums and learn more about the history, clothing and cheese of Volendam.
  • Hop aboard the Volendam Marken Express for a pleasant half hour’s sailing to the village of Marken.
  • Wander through Het Doolhof and Oude Kom.
  • Spend the night in the unique artists’ hotel Spaander.

Volendam Marken Express

Not far from Volendam, on a peninsula, lies the picturesque village of Marken. A beautiful old village that is very much worth visiting, if only for the sake of the enjoyable trip there. The Volendam-Marken Express will sail you there in half a very pleasant hour. Once in Marken, be sure to visit Sijtje Boes, amble through the handsome old streets and admire the old harbour. By the way: the boat sails up and down all year, except on occasions when the ice is too thick in winter; also, it is possible to take your bicycle on board with you.

Doolhof and Oude Kom

The best advice we can give those who really want to get to know Volendam is to go and wander through its ancient streets – in Doolhof and Oude Kom quarters, for instance. Discover the old neighbourhoods, streets and so-very-classic houses that characterise the fishing villages around IJsselmeer lake. These quarters have held an irresistible attraction for artists as far back as 1880, and it’s easy to see why.

Museums in Volendam

If you wish to learn more about the history and folklore of Volendam, be sure to visit a museum there. You can find out more about Volendam culture in Volendams museum, and learn the details of eel smoking in Palingsound Museum. The Cheese Factory is also highly recommended, and  offers the attractive prospect of trying Volendam cheese.

Artists’ Hotel Spaander

One of the places where artists liked to stay whenever they were in Volendam was Hotel Spaander, and that’s more than understandable, as they were often allowed to pay for a room and meals with a work of art. This has naturally resulted in a handsome art collection, but also many anecdotes about the village, the artists and the hotel itself. You will find Hotel Spaander on De Dijk.

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