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5x eating fish in Volendam

Volendam is Holland’s most famous fishing village, with a harbour full of old fishing ships. Freshwater fishing still goes on on IJsselmeer lake, so stopping for fish at least once is a must during your visit!

  • Discover the fishing village of Volendam and enjoy some freshly-caught fish.
  • Try Hollandse Nieuwe traditional soused herring (with onions). Only available in June!
  • View the best fish establishments in Volendam here.

Herring and onions

Volendam is a good place to enjoy, among others, kibbeling (traditional battered and fried fish nuggets), eel and herring. The best time for herring is from June on: this is the month in which Hollandse Nieuwe, the traditional Dutch soused herring that opens the herring season, hits the market. Naturally, this does not mean that herring is unavailable during the rest of the year.

5x eating fish in Volendam

1. Lotje Wine & Dine

Lotje lies at the edge of Volendam’s harbour, and offers excellent fish dishes in a beautiful venue. Also a great place for lunch, dinner or a “high wine” arrangement.

Address: Haven 146-148

2. Grand Café Restaurant De Dijk

Grand Café Restaurant De Dijk is also located on the harbour’s edge. Open all day for all who wish to enjoy freshly caught fish and a view of the harbour and Markermeer lake.

Address: Haven 10

3. Vishandel Lekkers

In the mood for some fresh herring, kibbeling or eel? Stop by Lekkers fish stand, which can be found by the harbour nearly all year (absent only in winter).

Address: Haven (across from Foto De Boer)

4. Fishmonger and deli De Haven in Volendam

De Haven in Volendam is a fishmonger and deli combined. Drop in here for the tastiest of fish, cooked or uncooked, from sandwiches and salads to complete ready-made fish courses.

Address: Zuideinde 2

5. Harbour restaurant De Lunch

In an authentic harbour-side building serving great fish dishes in a convivial atmosphere. Perfect for larger groups!

Address: Haven 96

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