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Hotels by the sea in Holland

What could be finer than a vacation by the sea? When the sunshine wakes you up in the morning and the day begins with a swim in the North Sea? Find your favorite hotel on the Dutch coast here.

Hotel tip: The five-star Kurhaus Hotel, by the beach at Scheveningen, was the first bathhouse in Holland.

  • The Dutch North Sea coast is known for its endless beaches and broad dunes.
  • Enjoy sunshine and good food in the beach bistros on the Dutch beaches.
  • Hundreds of hotels by the sea promise an unforgettable beach vacation.

Hotel by the sea

Where would you like to spend your vacation by the sea? Over 450 km of coast and countless hotels by the sea await you in Holland. For example, in Scheveningen in the south of Holland, the legendary Kurhaus Hotel offers a dreamy view of the sea, beach and beach life. By contrast, Renesse in Zeeland is an attractive place with magical beaches and cozy hotels directly by the North Sea. And the Wadden island of Texel boasts a 30 km long beach, diverse nature and lovely hotels in the dunes.

A diverse offer of hotels

If you're looking for a lovely hotel by the sea in Holland, there's a wide range of hotel offers to choose from. Families with children will presumably be looking for a hotel near the beach which is connected to a vacation park and also offers entertainment for children. Or a hotel with a pool to splash around in, like the Renesse Camping Hotel. Do you prefer pure luxury and a hotel room with a sea view? Then you might like the Kurhaus Hotel in Scheveningen or the Hotel Van Oranje in Noordwijk. Both hotels are located directly by the sea and have been awarded with 5 stars. Also, dog owners will find over 1300 hotels on the Dutch coast where pets are welcome. Incidentally, you can also gear your search towards an accessible hotel room on the coast, meaning that you can go on vacation to Holland if you're a wheelchair or mobility aid user.

Boutique hotel or luxury suite, alone or with a group, with a mini-budget or a spending spree. Take a look at our complete hotel offer and find the perfect hotel by the sea If you'd rather spend your vacation in a vacation home or a bed and breakfast by the sea – you can book these with us as well.

A relaxing vacation by the sea

Enjoy the Dutch coast - from Zeeland in the south to Groningen in the north, the Dutch coast offers endless long sandy beaches, inviting beach pavilions, plenty of water sports opportunities, and the diverse landscape and wide variety of species at the Wadden Sea. Learn about the best way to spend your vacation by the sea here. Of course, there are also plenty of lovely vacation apartments by the coast near beaches, vacation apartments by the North Sea or a selection of homes in a vacation park by the sea .

5 top hotels with a sea view

As the North Sea can often show its stormier side during the autumn and winter months, the Dutch coastal areas and hinterland are shielded by dunes and embankments. The hotels by the sea are also frequently protected behind the dunes. However, a few hotels sit enthroned upon the embankments or beach promenades - offering a fantastic unlimited view of the sea.

Hotels directly situated by the sea, with a sea view, include:

·       Het Hoge Duin Beach Hotel, Wijk aan Zee

·       Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus, Scheveningen

·       Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, Noordwijk

·       Nassau-Bergen Beach Hotel, Bergen aan Zee

·       Golfzang Beach Hotel, Egmond aan Zee

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