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7x hiking along the New Dutch Waterline

There are fantastic hiking opportunities along the 85-kilometer Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie, abound with fortresses, fortifications and castles. Join an organized hiking tour or explore the area on your own. These are our favorite hiking routes and packages!

  • Join an organized hiking tour or explore the area on your own.
  • Whether you are a seasoned hiker or prefer a short walk, there are pedestrian routes for all along the New Dutch Waterline.
  • Meander through meadows and trenches and past fortresses and fortifications.

Waterliniepad (350 km)

The Waterliniepad leads past fortresses, bunkers, locks and channels of two old defense lines: the Stelling van Amsterdam (Amsterdam Defense Line) and the New Dutch Waterline (New Hollandic Water Line). This pedestrian trail is 350 kilometers long! You can vary your walks through the beautiful landscape by visiting one of the 95 fortresses you will pass along the way. While you can walk the entire route in one go, there are also packages including shorter walks for those who prefer to take it easy.

Waterliniepad hiking package

Would you prefer to go on a fully catered hiking holiday? In that case, book one of Big Walk’s Waterliniepad packages. You can choose from several routes so there is always a package that is perfect for you. The best thing is that you will not have to worry about baggage, transfers, breakfast or lunch because everything will be arranged on your behalf.

Lint- en Liniepad (10 km)

Walk through the beautiful rural area around Schalkwijk. Your hike on the 10 kilometer Lint- en Liniepad leads through trenches and meadows and past fortresses, such as the robust Fort Honswijk, as well as bunkers. Are you walking with children? Take a break when you reach the trench network of Werk aan de Groeneweg, where children can do a great scavenger hunt.

Aetsveldroute (11 km)

Discover one of the most beautiful parts of the New Dutch Waterline on the Aetsveldroute. This 11- kilometer route leads along the meandering Vecht river and fortified cities of Weesp and Muiden, two of the most important sites on the Stelling van Amsterdam. You will hike on paved paths along the river and partially on grass paths along Fort aan de Ossenmarkt, Fort Uitermeer, and Fort bij Hinderdam. When you reach Fort Uitermeer, find a table at Paviljoen Uit & Meer for a delicious snack or lunch.

Struinommetje Fort Pannerden (5 km)

If you are looking for a shorter walk, we recommend struinommetje rond Fort Pannerden. This stunning route is about 5 kilometers long and leads right through National Landscape de Gelderse Poort, a wild natural reserve. Fort Pannerden stands at the center of the area and if you are lucky, you may spot a kestrel, Daubenton’s bat, or barn owl. You can also visit Fort Pannerden itself. Our tip: in summer, board the little ferry to cross the Waal river and visit the Millinger Theetuin to enjoy a delicious high tea.

Rondje Woudrichem (13 km)

On this 13-kilometer hiking route, you will meet wild horses and other large grazing animals while walking through beautiful landscapes. You will pass the fortified town of Woudrichem as well as Loevestein Castle. Enjoy the peace and quiet of this stunning natural area and conclude your hike at Slot Loevestein, a medieval castle with a fantastic terrace to rest up after a beautiful walk.

Utrechtse Waterlinie Wandeltocht

Join other hiking enthusiasts and see the fortresses of Utrecht during the Utrechtse Waterlinie Wandeltocht. This special hiking event is organized every year and will be held on 31 October in 2020. The hike starts in the afternoon and ends in the evening. There are five different distances so you can see the fortresses by daylight as well as beautifully lit up in the dark. Comes highly recommended!

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