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Discover the 5 best things to experience along the New Dutch Waterline

There are plenty of things to do along the New Dutch Waterline, from great museums to beer breweries and from a boat tour along castles to conducting experiments in an interactive science center. Whether you are spending the day with your children or your partner, there is always something to do. We have collected our tips and the very best activities along the New Dutch Waterline.

  • Discover everything about the New Dutch Waterline at the Waterliniemuseum and the Nederlands Vestingmuseum.
  • Spend the night in a real fortress or bunker.
  • Enjoy a specialty beer at Fortress Brewery Duits & Lauret in Fort Everdingen.

Go on an interactive discovery tour at the Waterliniemuseum

Would you like to know everything about the New Dutch Waterline? Go on an interactive discovery tour at the Waterliniemuseum in Fort bij Vechten in Bunnik and discover what makes the New Dutch Waterline so special. Historic figures tell you about the history of the area. And you can really see how the New Dutch Waterline works when the 50-meter model is flooded.

Board the ferry and sail to the Vestingdriehoek

Admire several highlights of the New Dutch Waterline in one day in the Vestingdriehoek, the triangle between the fortified cities of Gorinchem, Woudrichem and Zaltbommel. Several ferries take you across the Waal river to the most beautiful spots in this area. Take your bicycle along on the ferry and spend a lovely day cycling through the area. Visit Loevestein Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the Netherlands. Stroll through the three fortified cities, each with its own charm. Want to stay another night? Book a room in Fort Vuren and spend the night in an old fortress!

Explore GeoFort

GeoFort, on a real fortified island in Herwijnen, is the greatest interactive museum in the Netherlands. After a day at Geofort, you will know how a salmon finds its way, why the North Pole is shifting, and how climate change works. Explore the fortress island and try to find your way in the underground tunnel, participate in experiments, and climb around at the Bat Exploratory Garden. Geofort was elected the world’s best children’s museum in 2016!

Drink a specialty beer at Fort Everdingen

Once meant to protect the land, today it is a place where excellent beer is brewed. Duits & Lauret brews its specialty beers at Fort Everdingen. Combine a tour of the fortress with a tour of the brewery and, of course, a beer tasting session. Spend the night amid the greenery at Camping Fort Everdingen and go for a wonderful walk on the dike to Werk aan het Spoel, a real hotspot overlooking the Lek river. Here, you can enjoy all the great dishes served by restaurant Caatje aan de Lek and admire the creations of several artists in the workshop at the old fortress guardhouse.

Stroll through Naarden

Naarden is a real fortified city full of monuments. The Naarden fortifications are unique in Europe, since the city was built in the shape of a star. Stroll across the centuries-old fortifications and admire the bastions, moats, raised areas and city gates. At the Nederlands Vestingmuseum at the Turfpoort bastion, you will discover everything there is to know about fortresses and fortifications.

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