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The best cycling routes through New Dutch Waterline

The biggest national monument in the Netherlands is prime cycling country. Discover the military heritage, beautiful landscapes, and the best restaurants, museums and fortified cities along the way. Join an organized tour or explore the area on your own – the New Dutch Waterline has something to offer for everyone.  These are the absolute must-see routes.

  • Go on a cycling adventure on your own or join an organized tour.
  • Discover the most beautiful spots on the New Dutch Waterline along the way.
  • Cycle past fortresses, dikes, locks, and fortified cities.

Cycling along the New Dutch Water Line - bike touring in The Netherlands

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Cycle the Waterlinie Cycling Route

If you are looking for an all-in cycling holiday, there are several packages in which you can cycle the entire Waterline Cycling Route. Discover all of the highlights along the New Dutch Waterline while your baggage is transported daily from hotel to hotel for you. Choose the perfect package for your preferences, whether you want a longer or shorter cycling route. If you want to take it easy, you can always rent an e-bike. 

Past locks and fortresses (29, 42 or 62 km)

This route takes you through the Kromme Rijnstreek, a wonderful riverine landscape in Utrecht. The route is 29, 42 or 62 kilometers long so you decide how much exercise you will get. All routes start in the city harbor of Wijk bij Duurstede. Along the road, you will cycle past several highlights on the New Dutch Waterline. You could stop at Fort bij Vechten and visit the Waterliniemuseum, for instance. Or enjoy some ice cream at IJs en Koek in Langbroek and explore Fort Honswijk, the biggest tower fortress on the water defense line.

Fortenlandroute (34 km)

Cycle the Fortenlandroute and discover some of the most impressive fortresses on the New Dutch Waterline and Stelling van Amsterdam. Hop on a ferry to Forteiland Pampus and stop along the way at Muiderslot castle, the Nederlands Vestingmuseum in Naarden, and Fort Uitermeer. You will ride past plenty of great terraces where you can take a well-earned break from the cycling.

Happen en Trappen - Waterlinie cycling experience

What could be better than a wonderful cycling route combined with great food? On this special cycling route, you will stop at a restaurant five times to enjoy a delicious dish. You’ll start with coffee and pie at the Waterliniemuseum on Fort bij Vechten in Bunnik and end at restaurant Down Under for dessert. Between the dishes, you’ll cycle from one special place to another and discover fortresses, bunkers and trenches.

Jan Blankenroute (75 km)

Jan Blanken (1755 – 1838) was the engineer responsible for many of the water works along the New Dutch Waterline. Cycling the Jan Blankenroute means discovering his most beautiful engineering works, although you will see more than locks and fortresses. You will also visit historic fortified cities like Vianen, Culemborg, Leerdam, and Gorinchem. The perfect excuse to park your bicycle and enjoy a meal or drink. If a 75 kilometer bicycle ride is a little too much for you, the Waterwerken Route (30 km) is a great alternative.

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