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2 beautiful hiking paths through the Veluwe

If you’re a nature lover, you’ll feel right at home on the Veluwe. There are wonderful walks to be taken through the forests, across the vast heathlands and past charming little streams. A wonderful place to enjoy a picnic using delicious local products from farm shops.

  • Try walking the Loenense Bekenroute, with its numerous brooks, creeks and streams, and see the Middelste Molen windmill in action.
  • Discover the oldest and most beautiful forest of Holland, and amble between the ‘dancing’ trees.
  • Have a pleasant picnic with delicious local products.

We have selected two of the most enjoyable paths for you.

1. Loenense Bekenroute

The Loenense Bekenroute, or Loenen stream path, is characterised by water. The path leads past the Apeldoorn Canal, once of major importance as a supply route for the paper industry. Right by the canal stands the Middelste Molen, a windmill that has been producing paper since 1662 and is open to tourists – absolutely worth a visit! The last section of the path takes you past the sources and branches of the Loenense Molenbeek (Loenen Mill Brook).

  • Practical information:
    No. of kilometres: 8
  • Starting point: Loenen, car park by Bosoord hotel, Hoofdweg 9
  • Date: this path is best taken when the Middelste Molen is open, which is Wednesdays through Saturdays.

2. Giant insects in Speulderbos

Speulderbos forest is one of Holland’s most beautiful and ancient forests. During this long walk in the ‘forest of dancing trees’, be sure to keep an eye on what’s ahead as well as overhead, because the 10-meter-high trunks of certain trees have been carved into huge insects! These carvings were made by sculptor Harry Leurink, and are a tribute to insects as the ‘garbage men’ of the forest. This path also leads past the Solse Gat, an old loam quarry used by farmers in the past.

Practical information:

  • No. of kilometres: 16
  • Starting point: Boshuis Drie, Sprielderweg 205, Ermelo

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