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Discover the Delta Works

Visit the world’s biggest storm surge barrier in Zeeland: the Delta Works. This unique structure was built to prevent floods like the 1953 North Sea Flood, which the Dutch call the Watersnoodramp. With its 3 kilometers, the Oosterscheldekering is the longest component. Nearby you will find Deltapark Neeltje Jans and the Oosterschelde nature reserve, where you can learn more about nature on and beneath the water.
Aerial photo of delta works Oosterscheldekering Zeeland
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Delta Works

Zeeland is protected by the best greatest storm barriers in the world.

A unique attraction park focusing on the Netherland’s history with water. Witness the powerful storm surge barrier, and enjoy at the water park.

Go see the Oosterscheldekering, a unique part of the Delta Works.

More information about the Delta Works

The Delta Works were built to protect Zeeland’s dry land after the 1953 North Sea Flood or Watersnoodramp. It is the world’s biggest storm surge barrier, a unique structure well worth a visit! The Oosterscheldekering is 3 kilometers long and has 65 piles, making it the most impressive and famous part of the Delta Works. 

Learn all about the Delta Works at Deltapark Neeltje Jans, an underwater theme park. Children can play in the water playground and there is even a hurricane simulator.

You can also explore the surroundings of the Delta Works and enjoy the unique nature above and beneath the water at Oosterschelde National Park. Or go surfing near the Brouwersdam. Visiting the Delta Works is a fantastic experience, especially with high winds and huge waves.