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Experience nature at Center Parcs

A break at one of Center Parcs Holland’s wide selection of holiday parks offers the chance to explore some of the country’s most breath-taking beauty spots. Explore places of unspoiled nature where you can meet the local wildlife, take part in adventurous activities and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life all while you stay in luxurious accommodation designed for relaxation.

  • Book a break at Center Parcs Holland to explore breath-taking nature, including spectacular forests, heaths and lakes.
  • Access a range of activities in the great outdoors, including water sports, cycling, hikes and more.
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De Kempervennen

Nestled between two stunning lakes and surrounded by woodland, this holiday park in the south of Holland is the perfect relaxing retreat. Hang out at the beach, take to the water for some water skiing or scuba diving, scale to new heights in the Climbing Paradise and enjoy year-round skiing in the Montana SnowCentre. As well as a host of activities and the chance to connect with nature, De Kempervennen is also just a stone’s throw from Eindhoven Airport and Maastricht, one of Holland’s most charming cities.

Het Heijderbos

Sitting at the heart of a forest in a beautiful valley where the only noise you’ll hear is the songs of birds and the hum of a welcome breeze, Het Heijderbos is a stunning place to stay for a short break or longer holiday. Take the time to discover new flora and wildlife as you cycle or hike through the heaths, dunes and forests of the historic Hoge Veluwe National Park. For daredevils, the holiday park also features a tropical Jungle Dome with its own rope course. Het Heijderbos is also ideal for visiting Castle Gardens Arcen, a vibrant 32-hectare garden in the fortified town of Arcen, as well as the Netherlands’ oldest city, Nijmegen.

Het Meerdal

As you float across a serene lake towards your luxury cottage at this stunning Center Parcs resort, you’ll know that you made the right choice when you booked Het Meerdal. The park, based next to a large lake in the middle of dense forest, is the perfect family-friendly holiday destination, with its own pony riding arena and indoor play paradise.

Limburgse Peel

Limburgse Peel is another Center Parcs resort immersed in Limburg’s stunning forests. Staying here affords countless opportunities for hiking, walking and cycling. To truly connect with nature, De Groote Peel National Park’s vast, water-rich moorland areas known for their abundance of rare birds and plants is only a short journey away. From Limburgse Peel, or Het Meerdal holiday parks, the picturesque cities of Nijmegen and Venlo are easily accessible, while thrill-seekers can head to the nearby Toverland theme park.

De Eemhof

Located in central Holland, this Center Parcs holiday park is the perfect base to explore the country. It’s also an ideal spot for seeing Dutch nature, sitting on the banks of the Eemmeer Lake - where boats are as abundant as bicycles – and not far from nature spots including the Gelderland Valley, the Veluwe and the Utrecht Ridge. Due to its proximity to water, De Eemhof is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts – divers, wakeboarders, windsurfers and more – and you’ll regularly spot banana boats and canoes taking to the water. Both Amsterdam and the city of Amersfoort are also close by.

Parc Sandur

Located in the Dutch province of Drenthe alongside a huge recreational lake, Parc Sandur offers a variety of active experiences that let guests experience the outdoors. As well as plenty of cycling paths and hiking routes, sports enthusiasts can golf, bowl, fish and even ride ponies across Sandur’s stunning landscapes. If that wasn’t enough, nearby you’ll find the WILDLANDS Adventure Zoo Emmen, an exotic attraction where explorers can spot real elephants in the jungle, see lions in the Serengeti and even boldly hunt polar bears in the frozen wastes of the artic Nortica area.

De Huttenheugte

An idyllic forest retreat set in the peaceful surroundings of a vast, shimmering lake, this park offers plenty of opportunities to venture out into nature and discover the remarkable region of Drenthe. There’s plenty of fun to be had at De Huttenheugte’s high adventure course, or by taking a raft out to Adventure Island, a mysterious place featuring mini-golf and a children’s farm. Further afield, you can visit the ancient hunebedden monoliths, huge stone tombs created by peasant tribes more than 5000 years ago.

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