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Taste summer in The Netherlands

Summer in The Netherlands means enjoying every aspect of life. Not just the great weather, beautiful countryside and pleasant cities, but also the great, typically Dutch delicacies.

  • Settle down on a café terrace and order a plate of bitterballen.
  • Choose Dutch strawberries with whipped cream for dessert.
  • Try the delicious spring cheese.

Bitterballen on the terrace

In summer, the Dutch like to make the most of good weather by whiling away some time on a terrace. This is best done while enjoying a drink and a bite. Among the favourites are a beer accompanied by a plate of bitterballen. These breaded savoury ragout balls are typically Dutch and are usually dipped in some mustard. Other popular snacks are pieces of Dutch cheese and sausage or a bread basket with dips. Go local and try some bitterballen on a pleasant terrace!

Dutch strawberries

Dutch strawberries are also called summer kings in The Netherlands. Real Dutch strawberries are so sweet, they don’t need sugar. They are often enjoyed with ice cream and whipped cream, however. A lovely coupe on a terrace or strawberries to conclude a magnificent dinner.

Summer’s grass cheese

Grass cheese or ‘graskaas’ is a real summer product in The Netherlands. It is the cheese made from milk of cows that have just been turned out to pasture. When farmers open the barn doors after a long winter, the cows are overjoyed to frolic in the meadows and gorge themselves on delicious fresh grass! The fresh grass lends cow milk a more mellow flavor, making grass cheese mild and creamy in flavour.

Discover more about grass cheese at Cheese Valley, where most Dutch cheese is produced.

Taste the seasons of The Netherlands

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