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Category:Discover the Netherlands in winter

3x light festivals in Holland

Of course we like to make things extra warm and cosy during the dark days of the year. With unique futuristic light installations or an old-fashioned candle festival, Holland offers every visitor a warm and brightly lit welcome.

  • Explore Amsterdam by night with a special walking tour or a boat tour on the canals.
  • High-tech light installations in Eindhoven, Holland’s City of Light.
  • Visit the historical candle-making town of Gouda in the dark!

Throughout the centuries, the Dutch have learned how to make the most of their dark winter days. In the past we used candles and today we organise high-tech light festivals. Both ways, the old and the new, are definitely worth discovering. So come see the light in Holland this winter!

Amsterdam Light Festival

Once again, Amsterdam’s historical city centre will be the backdrop for the world’s most unique light installations in December and January. Thirty international light artists have been invited to put their creations on display for fifty days. The 'Illuminade' walking tour guides you along these extraordinary works of light art through historical Amsterdam. The 'Water Colors' boat tour shows the works along and in the canals and the Amstel to their best advantage.

Glow Eindhoven

This winter, Eindhoven’s city centre also lights up. Glow Eindhoven gives Dutch and foreign artists the opportunity to use the centre as a backdrop and stage for their light arts and design applications using the most advanced technologies.

Gouda by Candle light

Gouda has always been Holland’s centre of candle making. For this reason, December is alight with Christmas cheer and light every year. You can attend beautiful concerts at St.-Janskerk and Gouwekerk churches, there are exhibitions at several locations, and there is a programme to entertain children. If you are in Holland, do go and visit this town. It is particularly spectacular during ‘Gouda bij Kaarslicht’ (Candle Night)!