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Category:Discover the Netherlands in winter

Winter Wonderland with children

If you want to go on a fun winter trip with the children, Holland is the perfect destination! There are plenty of things to do and see this time of year.

  • Strolling through the fairytale winter forest at the Efteling.
  • Explore the Railway Museum in winter.
  • Discover Archeon in winter: a magical experience!

Winter Efteling

One of the best cold-weather attractions is the Winter Efteling. When winter starts, the Efteling transforms into a fairytale world filled with glistening lights and exciting rides. Take your children for a stroll through the wintry Fairytale Forest or go ice-skating or cross-country skiing. Smaller children will love sledding down a hill with real snow. You will discover that many attractions are even more magical in winter, in the dark.

Railway Museum

The Spoorwegmuseum is truly a fantastic place for children. They will see how the steam machine was invented and can admire the Arend, the first real steam train. They can also take virtual trips to distant countries with historic trains like the Orient Express. The museum also boasts an ice rink in winter and an antique carrousel. There is music every day and you can enjoy the ice-carving demonstrations.


Archeon, near Alphen aan den Rijn, brings the ancient past of Holland to life. It is even more special in winter, with a covered ice-skating rink, old Dutch games and Time Magicks! Cosy fires are lit in the buildings and farms, where you are welcomed into the residents’ daily lives. The park even boasts a live Nativity scene.

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