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Regulations on cheese transport

Holland has a rich history of cheese and cheese making that extends back to the times of Roman occupation. Gouda and Edam are the largest cheese exports in the country, and an important part of the Dutch economy, exporting one billion pounds of cheese a year, from Gouda to Limburger. If you are traveling to Holland, taking cheese home with you is always a good thought. There are some regulations regarding exporting cheese from the Netherlands.

Cheese regulations

Dutch cheese is often created from raw (unpasteurized) dairy products. Various countries have different regulations about what can and cannot be brought across their borders. When purchasing cheese to bring home from your trip to Holland, keep this in mind and check the regulations for your country. Members of the EU nations will have fewer problems and restrictions than travelers from the U.S. In the U.S., you can bring up to ten pounds of cheese for your personal use. Bring more and you will need to purchase through an importer. Other non-EU countries have similar regulations.

Tips for cheese transport

In general, you will have better luck transporting your cheese home if you have it vacuum-packed at the shop where you purchase it. Many shop owners are knowledgeable about the export and import regulations faced by tourists, and can help you choose a cheese and package it so that it will travel well, not smell-up your luggage, and be accepted through customs.

Cheese from the cheese farm

Visit a cheese farm and learn how these impeccable Dutch cheeses are made. The following farms pack cheese in a manner perfect for travel.

Ripen your knowledge of Dutch food by enjoying a slice of Cheese Valley’s history and attractions.

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