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Travel to Holland by Air

When you fly to the Netherlands you’ll arrive at one of these airports:

Shop and Relax at Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is Holland’s largest airport and one of the most modern airports in Europe. It boasts over a hundred shops, many of which sell tax-free goods, a wide choice of restaurants, a casino, a wellness club and lounges, where young and old can relax! There’s even a museum: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Schiphol, which has a temporary collection of old masters, that changes every six months.

Travel on from Schiphol

You can reach your final destination by:

  • Taxi: there are taxis at the airport exits.
  • Bus: the bus station is just opposite the arrivals building.
  • Train: there is a train station located underneath Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
  • Rental Car: you can rent any car at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Rules & Regulations

Before traveling to the Netherland, it’s wise to check the rules and regulations of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Everything you need to know about hand luggage, liquids, gels, maximum baggage weight, travelers from non EU countries and more is available at Schiphol online.

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How to find the best flights

Use a flight comparison tool to find the best connections and the best value flights to Holland.  You'll be able to filter your results by months and find out when is the cheapest time of the year to book your flights to Amsterdam or any other airport in Holland.

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