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Museums in Flevoland, Overijssel, Gelderland, Utrecht

There is a perfect museum for everyone in the center of Holland. You could explore the Zuider Zee in Flevoland, WWII in Gelderland, or go back in time in an old castle. There are also several museums with beautiful art collections.

Museums in Flevoland

Learn all about poldering, dike building, and the creation of a completey new province: Flevoland.

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Museum Schokland

An intriguing museum of a lost island and its archeological history

Museums in Overijssel

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Museum de Fundatie

Discover world-renowned paintings and sculpture at two locations of this stunning museum.

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Rijksmuseum Twenthe

A breathtaking collection of art from the Middle Ages to the 21th century.

Museums in Gelderland

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Afrika Museum

Explore the multifaceted African cultures at the Africa museum.

At Airborne Museum Hartenstein, you will experience the Battle for Arnhem and Operation Market Garden with the aid of authentic objects, movies and personal documents. Take part in the battle in the 'Airborne Experience'.

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Bronbeek museum

Visit the beautiful Bronbeek estate and explore the colonial past of Holland.

Vrijheidsmuseum waaloversteek
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Freedom Museum

At the Freedom Museum, you will see how the war began, experience the occupation, celebrate the nation's liberation, and witness the reconstruction of Holland and Europe.

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Museum Arnhem

Encounter modern art and design at the picturesque Museum Arnhem and its beautiful sculpture garden.

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Museum De Bastei

Discover the nature and history of the river region, from ice-age animals to water management.

Museum MORE, Gorssel
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Museum MORE

See high end art at Museum MORE in the Achterhoek, the museum with the biggest collection of modern realism.

The Open Air Museum brings Dutch history back to life.

Museum MORE & Kasteel Ruurlo
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Ruurlo Castle

From Golden Age history to modern art, Ruurlo Castle in Gelderland is a memorable daytrip.

Van Gogh and a sculpture garden in a national park.

Get to know the world of water like you never did before.

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Valkhof Museum

An exciting museum filled with Roman archeological finds, 17th century paintings, silverware and modern art.

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Wine Museum Arnhem

How is wine produced and how does it get its unique flavor? Taste it and learn more about the different flavors of wine!

Museums in Utrecht

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Visit the birthplace of De Stijl co-founder Piet Mondrian, now a museum about his life and work.

Huis Doorn drone view
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Museum Huis Doorn

Discover the luxurious 20th century manor of the last German Emperor

Discover 5000 years of military history at the National Military Museum (Nationaal Militair Museum) in Soest.

Visit the Witches Weighhouse and discover the witch in your family!