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Heeswijk Castle, also known as “Brabant Castle”, has been around for almost 1,000 years and is located in the middle of the Heeswijk Estate near Den Bosch. Visit the castle and experience the rich history, pride and culture of the Brabant nobility.

  • Wonder at the castle’s 1,000 year history.
  • Get a glimpse into the world of the Barons Van Den Bogaerde.
  • Climb the towers and enjoy the castle garden.

Kasteel 4
5473VA Heeswijk
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History of Heeswijk Castle

Heeswijk Castle has an eventful history dating back to 1080. It started out as a wooden castle but grew into an impressive fortress that resembled a stately country estate. The castle has been besieged, destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries. Due to its strategic location, it has played a role in Dutch history several times, including the two failed attempts of Prince Maurits to take the castle. His half-brother Frederik Hendrik succeeded in 1629, after which he stormed 's-Hertogenbosch. In 1672, the French Sun King Louis XIV took up residence here and, together with the English, drew up a plan to divide the conquered Netherlands.

In 1835 the Belgian André Baron Van Den Bogaerde van Terbrugge, then the King's Governor in North Brabant, bought the country estate and castle. Together with his sons, he turned it into a luxurious palace filled with a fine collection of art and antiques. The castle became a museum after the death of the last baron.

Visit Brabant’s iconic castle

The Province has designated Heeswijk Castle as a Top Historical Monument of Brabant. Wander through the halls, rooms, museum and the Copijn garden. Children can go on a journey of discovery to look for the secret staircases and corridors and can also climb the tower and try on a knight's helmet. You can follow this up with a drink in the coach house at the cosy 'Bij de Barones' museum café, which is named after Baroness Albertine. The castle is also a Brabant Nature Gateway and a starting point for walking and cycling routes for enjoying the Heeswijk Estate.

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