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Hernen Castle is located in the picturesque Land van Maas en Waal. The 14th century tower dates from a time when defense was more important than living comfort. Various time periods really come to life in the castle. Experience something unique with the covered wall-walk.

  • Discover this cool medieval castle with its unique covered wall-walk.
  • Go back in time with a ‘talking’ lantern as a guide that tells you the castle’s stories.
  • Combine your visit with a walk or bike ride through Hernen’s lovely water-rich surroundings.

Dorpsstraat 40
6616AH Hernen
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Take an immediate step back in time in Hernen Castle. The tower dates from the 14th century. The castle has a long history and was owned by several noble families. The last owner (1883) was Mrs. A.M. Metelerkamp van Bronkhorst den Tex. In 1940, her daughter gifted Hernen Castle and the surrounding garden to Stichting Vrienden der Geldersche Kasteelen (the Association of Friends of Castles in Gelderland), which was also founded in the same year.

The talking lantern tells stories about the castle

Be guided through the castle by a ‘talking’ lantern. The guide tells you the castle’s special stories as seen through the eyes of the lord of the castle or – for the children – a little mouse. What’s involved in adapting a 16th century castle to modern living requirements?

Unique covered wall-walk

Hernen Castle is well preserved and is the only castle in the Netherlands with a covered wall-walk. In 2002, archeologists found the remains of 14th century field kilns, which were used to fire the bricks used to build the castle.

The castle is located in a varied and water-rich outlying area with woods and lanes, grasslands and old riverbeds. Visit the castle and discover the lovely surroundings.

Visitor information

You can visit Hernen Castle from April through October. The castle is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. During the winter months the castle is closed, but there are special events for all ages.

Parking is available and there are catering facilities for a cup of coffee or tea during opening hours. Due to the stairs, visiting the castle is less suitable for wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

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