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10x Michelin Starred Restaurants in Holland

After France and Belgium, the Netherlands may also be regarded as a world-class culinary destination. The Michelin stars are awarded each year and constitute the ultimate gourmet quality and hospitality rating. And the Netherlands does well when it comes to this award, as it has 100 restaurants with 1, 2 or 3 Michelin stars. In short, Holland is certainly also a  great destination for the foodie.

  • The Netherlands is a world-class culinary destination.
  • The Netherlands has over 100 restaurants with 1, 2 or 3 Michelin stars.
  • Experience a high-quality culinary evening in one of the best restaurants in Holland

10 best restaurants in the Netherlands:

1. De Librije ★★★

Jonny and Thérèse Boer’s restaurant, number 57 on the list of the world’s best restaurants, conjures up the most unusual dishes, mostly with local products, but with no frills and straight from the heart.

Address: 13-15 Broerenkerkplein, Zwolle

2. Inter Scaldes ★★★

Jannis Brevet has already been awarded multiple Michelin stars at various top restaurants. The influences of the Zeeland waters and the Beveland polder cheeses and fruits characterise his menu.

Address:  2 Zandweg, Kruiningen

3. Aan de Poel ★★☆

Head chef Stefan van Sprang cooks absolutely first-rate fresh, creative dishes in a cosmopolitan atmosphere served on the most beautiful terrace in the Netherlands.

Address: 1 Handweg, Amstelveen

4. De Kromme Watergang ★★☆

The cuisine of head chefs Edwin and Blanche Vinke is based on the earthy and salty flavours of local products, which they combine in delicious dishes that fit well with the Flemish landscape of Zeeland. An absolute taste sensation.

Address: 6 Slijkplaat, Hoofdplaat

5. Beluga Loves You ★☆☆

Head chef Hans van Wolde is now cooking absolutely top-class smaller and affordable dishes. In a modern, open atmosphere, you can taste the delights of his contemporary creativity and refinement.

Address: 12 Plein 1992, Maastricht

6. Fred ★★☆

In a wonderful property, the chef Fred Mustert cooks in the no-nonsense style you would expect in a no-nonsense city such as Rotterdam. Pure products prepared in the tastiest and most original ways - that’s what Fred produces!

Address: 263-265 Honingerdijk, Rotterdam

7. De Kas ★☆☆

Sometimes the name says it all! Restaurant De Kas (the Greenhouse) grows approximately 300 kinds of vegetables, herbs, and fruits in its own greenhouse. Jos Timmer is true to the plant-to-plate philosophy and serves fresh produce that was handpicked that very morning.

Adress: Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, Amsterdam

8. De Lindenhof ★★☆

Head chef Martin Kruithof and his wife welcome you into a wonderful, homely environment and will offer you exceptionally unique taste sensations. So it’s with good reason that it’s been awarded two Michelin stars!

Address: 77 Beulakerweg, Giethoorn

9. Spectrum ★★☆

On the ground floor of the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Amsterdam, you will find Restaurant Spectrum. Experience the grandeur whilst dining in a beautiful location with a view of the private courtyard garden. You will enjoy excellent culinary flavor sensations created by Sidney Schutte, the current Executive Chef at Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam, Sidney Schutte, and his partner Geralda Joziasse as Food & Beverage Manager.

Address: Herengracht 542-556, Amsterdam

10. De Nieuwe Winkel ★★☆

Emile van der Staak is synonymous with botanical gastronomy. He selects the plants for his latest dishes as he wanders through the food forest. After all, the origin of the food is just as important as its taste, according to the idealists at De Nieuwe Winkel.

Address: Gebroeders van Limburgplein 7, Nijmegen

Tip: if you want to dine in one of the starred restaurants during your holiday in Holland, don’t forget to reserve a table well in advance.

Overview of the complete list of Michelin restaurants in the Netherlands.

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