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Sailing in Holland

Sailing through Holland, you will experience the characteristic landscape with its beautiful nature. You will sail from village to village, stopping for a break or overnight stay. With so much water and lakes, you can always find a spot to go sailing, a boat rental company, or a sailing school.

  • Enjoy the peace and space out on the water.
  • Rent a sailboat for a day or a week.
  • Combine a bicycle holiday with accommodation on a boat.

Renting a sailboat

The best way to explore Holland on the water is by renting a boat. You can do this for a day, a weekend or even a complete holiday. Sailboats can be rented in all kinds and sizes in nearly every sailing spot in Holland. The widest array of options is available in the provinces of Zeeland and Friesland.

Sailing holiday

There are different kinds of sailing holidays in Holland. You can rent an accommodation by the water and go for daytrips nearby with your own or rented sailboat. Holland is also a perfect place for a longer holiday on the water, however. The various water sports areas are often interconnected, and even the largest inland body of water, IJsselmeer lake, makes for a wonderful sailing holiday!

Bicycle & sailing holiday

Combine the best of two worlds and book a bicycle & sailing holiday. During the day, you will ride your bicycle through the beautiful Dutch landscape. You can then enjoy dinner and a comfortable room on your floating hotel, which follows your itinerary with your baggage. If you don’t feel like getting on your bike in the morning, you can always stay on board and help hoist the sails! Most bicycle and sailing holidays start in Amsterdam.

Learning to sail

Feel like a real captain at the helm of your sailing yacht. Anybody over the age of about 7 can take sailing lessons. Children start in the smallest boats. There is a wide array of sailing lessons available for adults, as well. In Friesland, particularly, you will find many sailing schools that will teach you how to play with the wind.

We recommend

If you do not want or are unable to pilot your own sailboat, we highly recommend watching sailing competitions. Throughout the season, there are sailing competitions in different locations in Holland that can easily be followed from the shore. Early in August, you can visit Sneekweek or the Skûtsjesilen championship to experience the water sports ambiance. Or enjoy a traditional Dutch herring in Scheveningen and watch the North Sea Regatta from the beach. Water sports associations also organize competitions on a regular basis, so ask your accommodation for more information.

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