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Holiday with children

Holland is the ideal travel destination for a holiday with children. It is only a short distance away and the accommodation and restaurants are family friendly. And there are so many great attractions for children to choose from that you can do something different every day.

  • Holland is an extremely child-friendly country.
  • Whether visting the zoo or theme park, beach or ice-rink - there is plenty to enjoy in Holland!
  • Small guests are welcome in the range of accomodation available.

Travelling with children to Holland

Knocked a glass over in the restaurant and your baby is crying loudly? It’s no problem in Holland as the country is renowned for its child-friendliness. Whether providing children's seats in the café, cots in the holiday home, playgrounds in the holiday park - everywhere in Holland caters for holidaymakers with children. And children are welcomed with open arms at all times. One look in the supermarket proves it: Children can try vla (custard pudding) hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles for bread) and Chocomel (chocolate milk) in Holland. And throughout the country, this continues...with countless zoos, theme parks, children's museums, water parks and playgrounds. For visitors who like to do something more adventurous, skiing is available all year round in indoor ski centres or why not try indoor skydiving in Roosendaal? Older children can enjoy blokarting on the beach. And a stay on the farm is also a wonderful opportunity to experience an unforgettable holiday in Holland.

What can you do with children?

Small guests can make all their dreams come true in Holland, and there are even several fun-filled unbeatable attractions to enjoy:

The biggest playground in Europe is located in Holland. The Linnaeushof near Haarlem will thrill children every minute of the day with trampolines, zip wires, roundabouts, swings, sand pits and super slides to be conquered!

And Holland is home to another record breaker: Efteling is the biggest theme park in Holland, where 36 attractions await you and your children across 72 hectares, including fairy-tale worlds, water rides, rollercoasters and carousels.

One of the most beautiful zoos in Europe is the Burgers’ Zoo. Animals live in their own habitats here and that is why there is a covered tropical rainforest, coral reef, savannah and many other environments to explore in Burgers’ Zoo. Adults and children alike can enjoy the experience!

Adventures in the great outdoors

Enjoy the quieter things in life during your holiday in Holland. For holidaymakers who prefer to save the travel and entry fees for theme parks and zoos, you can enjoy nature in Holland with your children. There is plenty of fun to be had at the beach. Holland's endless beaches are a fantastic place for children to build sandcastles, fly kites, collect mussels and play about in the waves. Inland, kilometres of cycle ways and well signposted routes invite you to enjoy cycling tours with your children. There are child’s seats available for the little ones and older children can ride their own bikes. Even in winter, Holland is a worthwhile holiday destination for families with children, especially if the many canals and streams are frozen over and the whole of Holland is bustling about skating on the ice.

Child-friendly accomodation

Would you like to book a holiday in Holland? Our partner Belvilla specialises in accommodation for holidaymakers with children. The search filter on the Belvilla website allows you to see which holiday homes are equipped with high chairs, cots, play pens and toys.

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