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Dutch Food and Cuisine

3x Honestly delicious dining with the Dutch

The Dutch are increasingly valuing pure and honest food. Restaurants serving seasonal vegetables, organic meat and sustainable fish are popping up everywhere. We would like to introduce you to three restaurants in The Netherlands where you can enjoy delicious and sustainable food.

  • Taste the wonderful dishes prepared with unique vegetables and edible flowers at restaurant De Jong.
  • Explore our selection of three special and sustainable restaurants in Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam.
  • ‘Pllek’ serves creative and original world food cooked with regional produce.

1. Restaurant De Jong

Restaurant De Jong is housed in an old railway viaduct in Rotterdam. In this edgy and industrial building, Chef Jim de Jong serves elegant dishes accompanied by unique vegetables and tasty edible flowers.
De Jong is passionate about the products he uses and makes it his mission to introduce you to delicious seasonal dishes. He knows exactly when a strawberry tastes best, believes asparagus should never be served in winter, and feels that an autumn menu isn’t complete without mushrooms. The blackboard changes weekly and sometimes daily, depending on what the farmer has to offer: the farmer is ultimately in charge of the menu!

Adres: Raampoortstraat 38, Rotterdam

2. De Keuken van Gastmaal

The Keuken van Gastmaal in Utrecht is all about flavour. Here you will find no fancy presentations – just a small menu and dishes prepared with honest ingredients. Owners Erik and Simone van den Eijnde – a brother and sister duo – prevent any food waste by taking home the leftovers.
All the ingredients are sourced from local producers. The menu proudly lists a variety of Dutch dishes, such as a salad with three Dutch radish varieties plus a dressing made of garlic from the Beemster Polder. All the herbs, nuts and berries on your plate have been picked by the staff themselves.

Adres: Biltstraat 5, Utrecht

3. Pllek

Restaurant Pllek is all about a healthy and conscious lifestyle. The restaurant is built from shipping containers and has a beautiful view over the IJ Lake. The kitchen serves organic meat and sustainable fish, and in addition you can also take yoga lessons or attend a cultural event, such as a musical presentation with artists from around the world.
Chef Dimitry Mulder prepares the dishes with regional products. The menu changes every season and also contains vegetarian and vegan options. Pllek is known for its original dishes, such as courgette flowers with ricotta and mint, or hibiscus-raspberry ice cream.

Adres: TT Neveritaweg 59, Amsterdam

This article was written in collaboration with KLM/ iFly Magazine.

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