Foodhallen Rotterdam © Iris van den Broek
Foodhallen Rotterdam © Iris van den Broek
Photo: © Iris van den Broek
Dutch Food and Cuisine

Food halls in the Netherlands

Food halls are the perfect solution for dining with groups, immersing yourself in a lively atmosphere, or when you want to have an appetizer from one cuisine, a few bites from another and dessert from a different restaurant altogether. These high-end food halls are renowned for their atmospheric settings, their selection of exciting dishes and nearby attractions that elevate the dining experience. They can be found in every part of the Netherlands and each one has special characteristics.

  • Taste the flavors of the Netherlands and the world
  • Admire beautiful surroundings and architecture
  • Choose from a variety of cuisines from street food to fine dining

Try new food concepts

Twentsche Foodhal in Enschede, near the German border, is a dining experience not to be missed. Its eight kitchens specialize in creative dishes using local ingredients, giving you a taste of locally grown Dutch produce. The dining concepts change seasonally, giving entrepreneurial chefs a chance to showcase their dishes. Delights from all over the world are accompanied by local wines and 16 tap beers.

Address: Hoge Bothofstraat 39a, Enschede

Escape to street food Mecca

The eclectic interior of Eindhoven’s Down Town Gourmet Market welcomes hungry guests into a softly lit, plant-filled space that offers food to satisfy every craving. From woodfired pizzas to Greek street food, freshly caught seafood to Turkish mezze, and of course, deep-fried Dutch delicacies, the varied selection will keep you coming back time and time again. The lively ambiance is perfect for social gatherings (and groups that can’t agree on a restaurant!), and live performances are occasionally scheduled in the dining area.

Address: Smalle Haven 2-14, Eindhoven

Taste the world

World of Food in Amsterdam Zuidoost is truly a chance to travel with every bite. The popular food hall is known for its authentic dining concepts from destinations such as Surinam, Ghana, Curacao, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and India. Dining here is a chance to experience the many cultures that make Amsterdam unique, and explore the distinctive Zuidoost neighborhood, just a 10-minute drive from the city center.

Address: Develstein 100, Amsterdam Zuidoost

Mingle in the city center

The first food hall in the Hague is conveniently located next to Den Haag Central Station. MingleMush has 15 different food outlets and an impressive cocktail bar. On sunny days, sit out on the terrace which overlooks the Anna van Beuren fountain. The food ranges from a Kenyan kitchen to Mexican street food, Dutch comfort food and even a dedicated crème brulee bar. The convenient location makes MingleMush the ideal conclusion to a day trip in The Hague, whether you want to grab a quick coffee or enjoy a leisurely dinner.   

Address: Anna van Buerenplein 712, Den Haag

Where architecture meets food

Inside the iconic horseshoe-shaped building at the Foodhallen in Rotterdam, you’ll find 15 food stands and specialty stores representing every cuisine imaginable. Try an Indonesian rijsttafel, Korean classics or a Japanese curry house, and don’t miss the coffee and gin & tonic bars. The space is the size of a football pitch and vibrantly decorated with colorful ceiling murals. You can also shop for fresh produce and flowers, and immerse yourself in Rotterdam’s city center filled with breathtaking architecture.

Address: Willhelminakade 52-58, Rotterdam

Find out more about the Netherlands’ rich food culture and where to eat and drink on your visit.

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