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Taste the seasons of Holland

If you choose Holland as a culinary destination, you will enjoy the best culinary specialties in every season. Spring is marked by wonderful asparagus from Limburg and lobster from Zeeland. The summer months represent Hollandse Nieuwe herring, fresh strawberries, Zeeland mussels and oysters. Autumn and winter are the time for wonderful venison dishes. Discover the flavours of Holland and taste the seasons.

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Food & Drink

Taste the season: Venison

Try the wonderful venison dishes and mushrooms in the Achterhoek.

Food & Drink

Taste the season: Eastern Scheldt lobster

Discover the unique flavour of Zeeland lobster at the best lobster restaurants.


Taste the season: Zeeland oysters

Discover how Zeeland oysters are raised and enjoyed.

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Food & Drink

Taste the season: Zeeland mussels

Discover the flavour of Zeeland mussels at the best mussel restaurants.

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Food & Drink

Taste the season: Dutch strawberries

Pick your own strawberries and discover their delicious flavour.

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Food & Drink

Taste the season: Hollandse Nieuwe herring

You can eat Hollandse Nieuwe herring on the Dutch coast in June!

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Dutch Traditions

Gouda cheese market

Discover the centuries old cheese trading tradition in Gouda.