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War Cemeteries in Holland

You can visit war cemeteries in several places in Holland. They represent the last resting place of American, Canadian, British, Polish, French, Dutch and German soldiers and civilians who fell during WWII. The impressive cemeteries are a place to remember the countless victims of WWII.

  • Pay tribute to those who made the greatest sacrifice for our freedom.
  • Read the names of 32,000 German soldiers on the Ysselsteyn cemetery.
  • Visit the American cemetery in Margraten, the tower of which is visible from afar.

American cemetery - Margraten

The American cemetery in Margraten is the only American cemetery in Holland. 8,301 American soldiers who died during WWII lie here. The names of another 1,722 missing soldiers are listed on the ‘Walls of the Missing’ . Volunteers offer free guided tours and you can visit the chapel to commemorate the fallen.

Canadian War Cemetery - Bergen op Zoom, Groesbeek and Holten

You can visit Canadian War Cemetery in three places in Holland. The biggest Canadian cemetery is located near Groesbeek. It is the last resting place of 2,619 fallen soldiers.

Canadian soldiers who died during the Battle of the Scheldt are buried in Bergen op Zoom. In all, 1,116 soldiers are laid to rest here. 1,394 Canadians are buried in Holten. You can find information about all of the fallen buried in these cemeteries at the information center.

War cemeteries of the Commonwealth – Overloon and Oosterbeek

In Oosterbeek near Arnhem, the soldiers who died during Operation Market Garden and the battles after that are laid to rest: 1,680 British and 73 Polish soldiers. Every year, the Battle of Arnhem is commemorated with a range of activities in and around Arnhem in September. 

The soldiers who died towards the end of 1944 are buried in Overloon. With the exception of one Dutchman, all of the fallen here are British. You can also visit the nearby War Museum.

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French war cemetery - Kapelle

229 out of the more than 600 French soldiers who lost their lives in Holland during the war are buried in Kapelle.

Polish war cemetery - Breda

More than 500 Polish soldiers died in Holland in WWII. 156 of them were buried on the Polish war cemetery in Breda.

Dutch Fields of Honor – Rhenen and Loenen

Almost 4,000 Dutchmen are buried on the Field of Honor (Ereveld) in Loenen. Since the nineteen eighties Ereveld Loenen no longer receives victims from WWII exclusively. Dutch soldiers and civilians who are killed during peace missions are also buried here. The military Grebbeberg Field of Honor near Rhenen is the last resting place of Dutch soldiers who died in May 1940, among other things during the battle of the Grebbe line. The Field of Honor near Rhenen has over 850 graves.

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German War Cemetery – Ysselsteyn 

In Ysselsteyn in the province of Limburg, not far from the German border, is the only German War Cemetery in Holland. Almost 32,000 fallen soldiers are buried here on 17 hectares of land. A cross has been installed for each of them, most with a name and date of birth. 85 German WWI victims are also buried here.

The graves of soldiers who fell during WWII can also be found on other general and War Cemeteries in Holland. Visit www.liberationroute.com for more information.

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