War museums in Zeeland and Brabant


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Several war museums help you discover what happened in Zeeland and North Brabant during WWII. They provide an excellent overview of the Battle of the Scheldt and Operation Market Garden.

  • Experience how the Allied forces fought during the Battle of the Scheldt at the Zeeland Liberation Museum.
  • Visit National Monument Kamp Vught, which sketches an overwhelming picture of life in a concentration camp.
  • Discover the biggest war museum in Holland, Oorlogsmuseum Overloon.

Zeeland Liberation Museum - Nieuwdorp

The Bevrijdingsmuseum Zeeland (Zeeland Liberation Museum) tells you more about the oft-forgotten Battle of the Scheldt. You will follow the story of young Kees Sinke, who was drafted in 1939 as part of the mobilization. The Zeeland Liberation Park is being built next to the museum. The landscape of Zeeland during the years of war is clearly illustrated on 3 hectares. The emergency church from Ellewoutsdijk, a unique building, was reconstructed here. This building served as a church after the war, after the old church of the village was demolished.

Het Polderhuis Dike and War Museum - Westkapelle

Het Polderhuis with its special exhibitions about the history of Walcheren stands behind the dike in Westkapelle. Special attention is devoted to the war and its destruction. The viewing tower, which is accessible via the museum, is well worth a visit. It shows off the wonderful view of the landscapes and sea in Zeeland.

Watersnoodmuseum - Ouwerkerk

Zeeland was hit by heavy flooding in 1953: the ‘Watersnoodramp’. The holes in dikes were closed with concrete caissons that had been used in the European invasion in 1944. Today they are used as museum space.  

The Camp Vught National Memorial - Vught

This was a concentration camp during the war: Kamp Vught. Today you can visit the National Monument Kamp Vught. The museum contains exhibitions and a commemorative space. Outside, a model shows the size of the camp and you can visit replica barracks and guard towers. The names and ages of the 1,269 Jewish children who were put on the children’s transports in 1943 are engraved in the children’s memorial. The camp was awarded the Dutch Museum Award 2016.

photo: © Ruud Strobbe

Wings of Liberation - Best

The Wings of Liberation tells the story of Operation Market Garden. Original military equipment, installations and photographs  provide an impressive overview of the occupation, repression and eventual liberation.

The Overloon War Museum

The Overloon War Museum is the biggest museum covering the war in Holland. Personal stories explain the troubles the population, as well as the occupying forces, dealt with in WWII. The military hall (some 2 soccer fields in size) contains over 150 vehicles, aircraft and cannons from WWII. It also organizes special military presentations, for instance about German parachutists and aerial bombings. The two-day event Militracks, featuring only German army vehicles, is an annual event in May.

For more information on war museums in Zeeland and North Brabant, go to www.liberationroute.com

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War museums in Zeeland and Brabant
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