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The Dutch city of Ede, in the expansive province of Gelderland, is one of Holland’s culinary gems. Thanks to its delectable eateries, beautiful nature and history-steeped atmosphere, the city and its surrounding villages are well-worth a visit. There’s a reason the area is widely seen as the focal point of the Veluwe’s ‘Food Valley’, and Ede’s Taste of Van Gogh project offers everyone a chance to experience this stunning region through produce and tastes inspired by one of Holland’s best-known artists: Vincent van Gogh. The initiative is supported by the Kröller-Müller Museum, home to the world’s second-largest Van Gogh collection, so you can certainly expect some well-informed menus.

  • Visit Ede and let Van Gogh-inspired dishes paint you a culinary picture of the legendary artist’s life.
  • Experience Van Gogh’s emotions through a whole new sense thanks to special taste profiles.
  • Take mouthwatering Vincent-inspired produce back home with you.

Discover the Taste of Van Gogh in and around Ede

Chefs from top-quality restaurants in the Ede area have come up with some seriously delicious dishes inspired by Vincent van Gogh himself. As well as making use of ingredients visible in the artist’s works (all locally sourced produce, of course), the chefs have taken inspiration from Van Gogh’s personal letters to his brother and have utilized seasonal ingredients – all reflecting Van Gogh’s widely documented emotions, expression or story.

You can enjoy a Taste of Van Gogh dish all year round in participating restaurants, but also look out for special programming throughout the year, such as a 10-day dining event in the autumn. And you can even follow a Taste of Van Gogh cycling route to trace Van Gogh highlights throughout the Ede area.

Taste of Van Gogh restaurants

Take a Van Gogh-inspired adventure in the Ede area and sate your appetite at one of the restaurants participating in Taste of Van Gogh. For example, restaurant Monsieur Jacques in the Kröller-Müller Museum is dishing up a hearty Van Gogh Salad. The dish is prepared with smoked chicken, green beans and, fittingly, sunflower seeds. Other participating restaurants include Het Oude Politiebureau, with its seasonal three-, four- or five-course surprise menu; Restaurant De Waldhoorn, with a three-course meal (Mediterranean tomato soap, marinated pork tenderloin and homemade ice cream); and De Langenberg, with its mouth-watering three-course pancake menu. Also taking part is De Houtzageri; Restaurant Aan ’t Strand; brasserie Buitenzorg; Partycentrum De Molen; Baron van Ede; Ede aan de Kook; and Theehuis de Roek.

Seasonal taste profiles

Three of Ede’s top chefs devised the impressive taste profiles in collaboration with the Van Gogh experts at the Kröller-Müller Museum. Each participating restaurant followed these meticulously, creating their very own Van Gogh dishes. Of course, as Ede is located in the heart of Food Valley – packed with sprawling arable land and a blend of both historic and cutting-edge agricultural knowledge – every Taste of Van Gogh ingredient was produced and prepared in this foodie paradise.

There are four different taste profiles, each one inspired by a different season. Every profile contains instructions on how to prepare and cook each dish, which ingredients should be used in the meals (based on Van Gogh’s paintings and personal letters) and how to express the artist’s life in each dish. For example, the winter taste profile represents Van Gogh’s well-documented battle with depression, so the ingredients are darker and the tastes earthier, whereas the spring menu contains lighter ingredients, reflecting the artist’s vibrant paintings from his time in springtime Paris.

Take inspiration from the taste profiles and enjoy a Taste of Van Gogh at home by purchasing mouthwatering local produce, such as Vincent-inspired beer, chocolate and apple juice.

We recommend: The Ede area is home to the Kröller-Müller Museum and the beautiful De Hoge Veluwe National Park, one of the country’s largest continuous nature reserves. The park contains 25 miles (40 kilometers) of cycling paths and offers 1,800 white bicycles for free use, so do it like the Dutch and explore the area’s stunning fauna, foliage and wildlife by bike. Combine your visit with a tour of the spectacular art and sculpture collection in the Kröller-Müller Museum.

Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh

Visit the most beautiful Van Gogh locations and learn everything there is to learn about the life and works of one of the most famous artists of all time.

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