Lorena Mira


Name: Lorena Mira
City: Amsterdam
My tip: A picnic at the Vondelpark
© Lorena Mira

‘The best way to explore Amsterdam is on a bicycle!’

In love with Amsterdam

I only moved to Amsterdam three years ago but can already say that I know the city better than I know Alicante (Spain), the city where I grew up. The reason? I fell in love with Amsterdam instantly and all I have been doing since moving here is exploring the city. I am like a kind of ‘Cupid’ for Amsterdam since there is little I love more than making other foreigners fall in love with Amsterdam.

It is wonderful to explore unknown districts just outside the city centre. My favourites are the Oosterpark district and the Haarlemmer district, which nestles up to the Jordaan. There are so many hidden pearls here, like small specialty stores, street art, art galleries and welcoming cafés.

My tip:

Go for a wonderful picnic at the Vondelpark and then practise your dance moves at Club Paradiso, which is located in an old church.

Lorena is a Holland Ambassador and keeps in touch with the Spanish community. She describes typically Dutch stuff ‘seen through Spanish glasses’.

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Lorena Mira