Stefano Stanich


Name: Stefano Stanich
City: Haarlem
My tip: Visit the Haarlemse hofjes

‘Keep on discovering!’

As a true Italian in Holland, I love the good life. I’m not saying that Dutch food is as good as real Italian food but I definitely like to serve a good bitterbal, waffle or oliebol when my Italian friends visit.

On a bicycle

I also put my friends on a bicycle immediately. There is nothing like this unique, traditionally Dutch means of transport! I show them around the underground ‘bicycle parking’, which has enough space to accommodate 5,500 bicycles. As an Italian, I also have to say that the public transport system is fantastic here.

Haarlem Hofjes

I also recommend visiting the many unique hofjes or inner courts with their beautiful gardens. And you should absolutely have a look inside Sint Bavo, our ‘basilica, with its unique 5,000 pipe organ. It is absolutely fantastic when they play a Mozart piece there.

My tip:

When the weather is good, laze about at Kleverpark or Kenaupark, near Haarlem’s central station. Bellissima!

Stefano is our Holland Ambassador for the Italian social media communities and loves being this close to our audience in this way.  

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Stefano Stanich