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Eleven Cities Cycling Tour

1 Jun 2020, Bolsward

If the Eleven Cities Tour on ice skates is too cold and too long for you, why not join in the cycling variant in spring. For over a century, some 15,000 cyclists have been riding the eleven cities itinerary on Whit Monday.

  • Cycle to all eleven cities along the Eleven Cities Tour.
  • Enjoy the Frisian landscape with over 15,000 other cyclists.
  • Also available as a cycle holiday.

Tour through Friesland

The first group starts at 5 AM from Bolsward, after which a new group of about 650 riders starts every 8 minutes. Contrary to the skating tour the Eleven Cities Cycling Tour is not a competition but a real tour. It even has a maximum speed of 25 km/hr. If you ride too fast, you may have to wait at one of the checkpoints.Cyclists must rely exclusively on their strength so e-bikes are not allowed!

Eleven cities on a bike

The itinerary takes you to the same eleven cities as the famous ice skating tour and is about 240 kilometers long. Quite a distance to ride in a single day. The deadline for finishing is midnight. If you arrive any later, you won’t receive the commemorative medal. 

Would you like to see the eleven cities in a more leisurely fashion?

You can also book the eleven cities bicycle tour as a cycling holiday. It will take you just 8 days to visit the historic cities. Enjoy the beautiful Frisian landscape and discover this unique tradition.

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