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Name: Alinda Dijkstra
Place: Gouda
My tip:
Vintage shopping, having a drink and a cup of coffee in Gouda

“Sitting at an outdoor café in Gouda in the summer always feels like a vacation.”

I live in the center of Gouda and I like to go grocery shopping at the Markt on Saturdays. I’ll then have a cup of coffee in one of the many cafés in Gouda. I love Gouda’s little medieval streets and stately canals, and cycling through the center always lightens up my day.

Gouda is a small city, which makes it even more fun. It hosts many events, from game nights to beer tastings and, of course, the famous Gouda by Candle Light.

My tips:

  • Shopping in Lange Groenendaal and Lange Tiendeweg. These streets have plenty of little boutiques and small independent stores. My favorite is Heb ik VIA at Lange Groenendaal 72a, for vintage items and designer goods by local designers. I also like to visit Tafel van 10, at the end of Lange Tiendeweg, for beautiful home décor items. And I buy local beer for my boyfriend at Den Gouwen Aar, a small liquor store at Oosthaven 6.
  • For a drink I like to visit Bodega 32, a Spanish wine bar at the Markt. You can order a large platter full of delicious tapas and pinchos, and enjoy a good glass of wine or sangria. A little bit further on the Markt, at Swing, you can listen to live piano music and sip cocktails. For a stylish gin & tonic, I like to visit the Lichtfabriek, a restaurant and bar in a beautifully redesigned factory.
  • On Sunday morning I like to have brunch in town at the Barista Café (Kleiweg 100), de Koffiefabriek (Nieuwe Markt 64) or the Kleischuur (Vest 2).

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