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Jasper Broekhuis

Name: Jasper Broekhuis
Place: Eindhoven
My tip: Discover the alternative character of the city of Eindhoven and visit the cool Strijp-S, where you will constantly discover something new.

“Eindhoven, with its irregularities and its rough edges, is the perfect destination to discover the alternative Holland.”

I like to discover everything that can be discovered in a city, and I like to seek out the things locals like to do. Drinking coffee in that extremely cool café where the local barista works hard to prepare your coffee and that local beer in town you simply must drink before heading home. I like to find the unique things you can do in a city. I’m not satisfied with the usual suspects: I like to explore the paths off the beaten track.

My tips:

  • Eindhoven is such a town in which I can discover new things in Holland. If you want to discover new, cool things you can’t find anywhere else in Holland, you should visit Strijp-S. Enjoy a walk past the old Philips factories and drink a cup of coffee in the rooms where Philips lights used to be developed. These are definitely places that should be on your #travelbucketlist!
  • Moreover, each year Eindhoven is home to the Dutch Design Week, held here every year in October. Meet the latest designers and design talents in Eindhoven!

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