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Joyce Vieveen

Naam: Joyce Vieveen
Plaats: Den Haag (met kinderen)
Mijn tip: Boerderij 't Geertje

‘A day around town with the children, a real pleasure!’

As a mother of young children, I always check that there is a lot to do for kids wherever I go. A great beach for them to play for hours or a beautiful swimming pool for days of water-borne fun. I really like visiting a historic city, preferably near the coast. Strolling through old streets, enjoying some culture and ending the day by relaxing on a terrace.

The Hague with children

In The Hague I love to take the children to Drievliet, an amusement park where they have loads of fun every time. The Meijendel woods are lovely as well, particularly in autumn when the trees show the most beautiful colours. We take the children to search for acorns and chestnuts. A good time guaranteed! In spring I definitely recommend  't Geertje play farm in Zoeterwoude. The children get to feed newborn lambs a bottle and then enjoy some wonderful old-fashioned ice cream.

My tip

Grab a bicycle! Go for a wonderful ride through the Groene Hart and end your tour at Boerderij 't Geertje. Fill a picnic basket with handmade delicacies from the shop and hire a rowboat. Perfect for a picnic in the open air.

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