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Karoline Baracho

Name: Karoline Baracho
Place: Den Bosch
My tip: Going shopping and dining out in the heart of Den Bosch!

“Enjoy all the beauty Den Bosch has to offer.”

When I book a city trip with my boyfriend or girl friends, I always check what highlights can be
found in a city. What are the must-see sights? I also always want to spend an afternoon shopping in the city. I’ll check for good, local stores where they sell regional products and check which restaurants have good reviews, because after all: shopping makes one hungry!

Taking a stroll through Den Bosch

Den Bosch is a beautiful, picturesque city with many historical buildings. Culture and shopping are easy to combine in this city. First visit the St. John’s Cathedral, or the various museums found in the center, and then continue your way to the shopping street. The center of Den Bosch has a great deal to offer, varying from chains to small and more luxurious stores.

After spending a day in the city, finding a good restaurant is also important. Den Bosch has everything you could ever wish for. The Den Bosch Market has numerous bars and restaurants with a view of the historical city hall of Den Bosch, which still houses many events. Or explore the Korte Putstraat, a famous and culinary street with various restaurants, and enjoy the atmosphere in Den Bosch!

My tips:

  • If you are a true art lover or if you want to learn more about Noord-Brabant, visit the Stedelijk Museum or the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch.
  • You can’t visit Den Bosch without trying their most famous delicacy, the Bossche bol! The Bossche bol is a large cream puff covered in chocolate…delicious!

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