Nathalie Vreeburg

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Name: Nathalie Vreeburg
Place: As long as it is by the water…
My Tip: Discover all the hidden pearls of Friesland.

"With a little bit of sun, Holland is beautiful!"

I have been living in Haarlemmermeer, near Schiphol, for some time now. This is practical, given my
husband’s and my work. It is close to Amsterdam, Haarlem and The Hague. But the best thing is that it is only 20 minutes away from the beach. In the fall, we often take our children for a walk through the dunes or a stroll on the beach of Zandvoort or Langevelderslag, just north of Noordwijk.

Summer in Friesland

In spring and summer, we can often be found in Friesland. This partly has to do with the sports our
children practice. They are avid sailors and regularly participate in competitions on the IJsselmeer.  While they are on the water, we visit one of the authentic villages surrounding the IJsselmeer. Hindeloopen, for example, is highly recommended! It feels like you’re travelling back in
time to Holland’s Golden Age.

When we go out withour family, we usually visit a village or city for some sightseeing. Of course
we like staying by the water, and Friesland has many holiday homes with a mooring place for rent. When we don’t take our own boat, we often hire a sailing boat or sloop in order to enjoy Holland from the water. We bring along a bite to eat and some drinks for a delightful picnic on the water and moor
somewhere in the evening to enjoy dinner at a nice restaurant.

My tips for Friesland:

  • Have lunch at outdoor café De Drie Harinkjes in Hindeloopen. This will give you a great view over the IJsselmeer.
  • In the evening, enjoy Lichtpoort, the new futuristic entrance at the locks of the Afsluitdijk.
  • Hardzeildag. This Wednesday in August has seen competitions on the Sneekermeer since the 17th century. This event has by now grown into the Sneekweek, the largest sailing event on inland waterways in Europe. Come to Starteiland to see over 700 sailing boats or visit the fair in Sneek.
  • Broad, sandy beaches on the Wadden Islands. Avoid the summer crowds in Zandvoort and Scheveningen and visit the Wadden Islands! Here you can find kilometers of broad, sandy beaches where you will be able to find a quiet place in the sun.

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