The women’s football team, the Orange Lionesses, are doing extremely well. -
Photo: © KNVB
Fun facts about the Netherlands

Dutch women’s football team

The Dutch football women are doing extremely well in international competitions. In 2017, the women’s team even won the European championship! Led by team manager Sarina Wiegman, the women qualified for the World Championship in France this summer.

Orange Lionesses

Dutch fans love the women’s football team, nicknaming them the ‘Orange Lionesses’. The name refers to the Dutch symbol of the lion and the color of their shirts.

World’s best female football player

Lieke Martens is one of Holland’s most famous football players. With her team, she won the European Championship in 2017. She was also selected the best player’s award in the tournament. In 2017, the UEFA also elected Martens Best Player in Europe and she also became Best FIFA Women’s Player. Martens now plays for FC Barcelona.

Top goal scorer of all time

In the World Championship match against Cameroon, Vivianne Miedema scored het sixtieth goal. It made her top goal scorer of all time in 2019.

Women’s football history

  • The Dutch women’s football association (NDVB) was established on 16 April 1955.
  • On 9 November 1973, the Orange national team played under the aegis of the KNVB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbal Bond, Royal Dutch Football Association) for the first time.
  • The Women’s European Championship was first held in 1982.
  • And in 1991, FIFA established the Women’s World Championship.
  • The Dutch women’s team competed in the European Championship for the first time in 2009.
  • In 2015, they qualified for the World Championship.
  • The Orange Lionesses won the European Championship in 2017.

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