Traditional costumes in Holland - Traditional clothing of the past -

Wooden shoes, head dresses and puffy trousers were once worn in countless towns in Holland. While they are no longer a part of the common dress code, you can still see these traditional costumes in towns like Staphorst, Bunschoten and Spakenburg.


Many villages had their own costume but the styles often overlapped. Women often wore a ‘kraplap’, a piece of white fabric that covered the chest and part of the back. Men generally wore ‘klepbroeken’, pants with the front covered by a fabric ‘flap’.

Pictured in folk costume

Much of a person’s costume was determined (at least in part) by his or her religion or occupation. Fishermen usually wore different apparel than farmers, and Catholics wore different clothes than the Reformed. These days folk costumes generally serve as a folkloric attraction for tourists, so you can have a nice photograph taken of you wearing a traditional costume.

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