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Holland Football Nation

Football is a national sport in the Netherlands. Over 1 million people actually play football, but almost everyone has an opinion about it. Especially during championships tension rises and the orange fever takes hold over the country. The Dutch have influenced the game of football with starplayers, such as Cruijff and Van Basten, world famous trainers, like Michels, Hiddink and Van Gaal, impressive achievements of the national team and an enthusiastic orange legion of fans. Women's football has been an important crowd-pleaser for the past few years, and it also has been doing extremely well in the classifications. Learn more about the Dutch and their love for football and join the orange madness.

Dutch women’s football team

Football women among the top: international top goal scorers and European champions in 2017!

Orange fever is contagious

Holland fans

Holland fans are characterized by their orange outfits. Find out why the color orange is so important to Holland fans.

The Dutch national team has reached the World Cup final on three different occasions. Read more