King’s Day - King’s Day activities in Holland -
People celebrating Kings Day
People celebrating Kings Day
Photo: © Koen Smilde via Amsterdam&Partners

King's Day

King’s Day may well be the best party in Holland. On 27 April, we celebrate King Willem Alexander’s birthday with music, street parties, flea markets, and fun fairs. The king himself travels through the country with his family. On the night before King’s Day, King’s Night is celebrated with music shows in The Hague and other cities and the nation’s biggest flea (‘free’) market in Utrecht.

Celebrate King’s Day

  • 27 Apr 2020
  • All of Holland

Participate in the national celebration on 27 April and enjoy fun activities in every city!

Why and how do we celebrate King’s Day?

Read more about the background of King’s Day.

Watch this video: King's Day

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Holland is a fairly young monarchy. The Kingdom of the Netherlands was established in 1815, and King William I was its first ruler.

Things to do on King's Day


Vondelpark flea market

On King’s Day the Vondelpark is one big party place for children.


King's Night in The Hague

  • 26 Apr 2020 Canceled
  • The Hague

The Hague has the most famous King's Night of them all.


The Utrecht flea market

Experience King’s Day in Utrecht.