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Holland, country of fish

Holland is originally a country of farmers and fishermen. With the IJsselmeer, the Zeeland waters and naturally the North Sea, Holland offers a wide selection of tasty, fresh fish. You can enjoy them in seafood restaurants or sample them as a tasty snack at one of the many fish stalls around the country.

Fresh & healthy

Different waters have different specialties The best eel is caught in and smoked around the IJsselmeer. The best mussels and oysters come from Zeeland waters. And North Sea fishermen bring home the best herring, cleaned and brined while the ships were still at sea. In short, Dutch cuisine is characterised by many kinds of fish and this is not just tasty, but also very healthy.

Much a do about herring

And it’s not just the species but often also the preparation that is typically Dutch. So when in Holland, try a ‘lekkerbekje’ (fried fillet of haddock) or some ‘kibbeling’, deep-fried pieces of cod or whiting served as a snack. Of course, no visit to Holland would be complete without tasting a herring served the Dutch way. Pick it up by the tail, throw back your head and enjoy!

Vlaggetjesdag (Flag Day)

Celebrate the new herring season on ‘Vlaggetjesdag’ or Flag Day. Come to Scheveningen and enjoy the fleet inspection, boat tours, music, and last but certainly not least, the new herring!

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