Recipe endive stew -
Traditional Dutch Food

Recipe endive stew

Nothing says "Dutch" like a good old-fashioned stamppot, a pan full of mashed potatoes and a vegetable. There are several varieties that are traditional, such as this andijviestamppot, or a stamppot with kale or with two vegetables, carrots and onion, like the hutspot. A zuurkool stamppot, mashed potatoes with sauerkraut and smoked sausage, is also very popular.

Most stamppotten consist only of potatoes and vegetables, and do not use any butter or milk. The Dutch potatoes are usually creamy enough to make up for the lack of dairy, and the vegetables release enough juices to make the dish moist but not rich.

Andijviestamppot is a stamppot made with escarole endive, a vegetable easy to grow and readily accessible at many local grocery stores. The lettuce-type greens are washed and cut into strips, and mixed ("foeksen" in the dialect of the province of Overijssel where this dish is traditionally from) in with the potatoes after they have been mashed. The combination of warm, gooey potatoes with the crispy, slightly tart vegetables is a winner and will be a new favorite at your family's table. It can be served with a Dutch meatball, smoked sausage or just plain by itself, with some bacon added, like in the recipe below.

As escarole endive is not available at all times, this dish is also delicious with a variety of green tender vegetables. Mustard greens, fresh spinach and arugula all work wonderfully well. 


  • 600 gram (1.3 lb) potatoes
  • 400 gram(14 oz) escarole endive
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 6 bacon strips

Peel the potatoes and cut into regular sized chunks. Bring to a boil in a pan of water that barely covers the potatoes and add the salt. Lower the heat to medium and boil for about twenty minutes. In a skillet, fry the bacon. When ready, cut into small strips or chunks.

When the potatoes are easily pierced with a fork, pour off the remainder of the water saving about half a cup. Mash and add some potato water if the mashed potatoes are too dry.

Wash the escarole or other tender green vegetables of your choice, rinse and cut into half inch strips. Mix in with the mashed potatoes, and add the bacon. Taste and adjust salt, and add a pinch of pepper or nutmeg if desired.

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