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Snacking the Dutch way

It is an absolute truth that Holland has fantastic Michelin star restaurants, unique delicacies and wonderful dishes. In other words, the country has a culinary tradition of which it is really proud. But rest assured that the Dutch are not always as sophisticated as all that. When it comes to eating snack food, we have some very peculiar recipes and manners…


For example, not only do we have many typically Dutch snacks like ‘kroketten’, ‘bitterballen’ and ‘frikadellen’, we also have some special ways of serving them. If you order a ‘frikadel oorlog’ (sausage at war), you will be served a special type of deep-fried sausage served with ketchup, mayonnaise and chopped onions. Order a portion of ‘bitterballen’ with your cocktail and you will be served some deep-fried ragout balls on a saucer with mustard. It’s far from sophisticated but it tastes great!

From the wall

Another unique experience is snacking ‘from the wall’. Here, the snacks are stored behind little glass doors and kept warm. You can drop a coin in the machine, open the door and get your snack to enjoy on the street. You will find these automatic serving walls or automatieken’ in most big cities in Holland. Enjoy a hearty snack after a brisk walk or a night on the town!

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