Try traditional Dutch fare

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Winter in Holland means eating traditional Dutch food, such as a hearty stamppot to keep you warm. Don’t forget to taste a few traditional dishes if you are in Holland this winter.

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Erwtensoep (Dutch pea soup) and hutspot (a dish with mashed potatoes and winter vegetables), kruidenbitter (herbal liqueur) and anijsmelk (anise milk), pepernoten (mini cookies with spices) and oliebollen (fried dough balls)... The Dutch definitely know how to keep warm in winter. They created many traditional Dutch recipes throughout the centuries that still taste excellent today.

Winter flavours

Fortunately an increasing number of cafés and restaurants serve these dishes (and modernised versions of them), so make sure to taste a few if you are in Holland this winter. We recommend Restaurant Greetje (Peperstraat 23 Amsterdam) and Restaurant Tosca (1e Pijnackerstraat 120b Rotterdam). In Rotterdam you can even enjoy a bowl of Dutch pea soup in a real snerttram! If you are strolling through the city on a cold day, stop for a snack at one of the traditional oliebollenkramen. These colourful stalls set up on street corners at this time of year and sell traditional, tasty fried pastries.

Sinterklaas candy

One typically Dutch tradition is Sinterklaas, a festive celebration on 5 December when a ‘good holy man’ hands out presents and candy to children: marzipan, sugar fondant, chocolate letters as well as pepernoten and taaitaai, a much-loved kind of Dutch cookie with spices.

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