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Holland Map

Are you looking for a map of Holland? We have marked the ten national highlights on a map for you so you can plan your visit to Holland even more easily. 

  • Plan your holiday in Holland.
  • Discover Holland’s highlights on the map.
  • View the map with Dutch cities.

Short distances

When planning your holiday in Holland, a map always comes in handy. Holland is a small country, so distances between cities and sites are easy to cover. Holland is a perfect country to explore by car. With over 32,000 kilometers of bicycle paths, Holland is a real cycling country full of beautiful cycling itineraries.

Tourist offices

Virtually every city or municipality in Holland has its own tourist office, known locally as ‘VVV-kantoor’. The VVV employees are always happy to help you with tips for great attractions, restaurants, and accommodations. You can also visit the VVV-kantoor for (free) maps and plans with hiking, bicycle and car itineraries.

Spending the night in the Netherlands

Are you searching for a hip design hotel, a romantic bed & breakfast, or a pleasant holiday home for your family? The Netherlands has suitable accommodations for every taste and budget. Check out the comprehensive selection and book your perfect holiday here!

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