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Renting a car in Holland

If you are holidaying in Holland and plan to visit lots of different places, why not rent a car! It is the perfect way to explore Holland comfortably and at your own speed.

  • You can rent cars from Avis, Hertz, Sixt and others in Holland
  • You can rent or pick up your car from a rental agency at Schiphol Plaza.
  • Read our 10 tips for renting a car in Holland.

Rent a car in Holland

If you want to rent a car in Holland, there are many agencies to choose from. The big and well-known rental agencies are Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt. These companies have offices in many locations throughout the country, including Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Go to Schiphol Plaza (near Arrivals 3) and get into your own car immediately on arrival.

10 tips when renting a car in Holland

1 If you are flying to Holland, make sure you can pick up and deliver your rental car at the airport. The rates are generally lower if you schedule your rental online beforehand and you will save time and effort once you arrive.
2 Before renting a car, decide whether you will need a navigation system or child seat(s).
3 You will need a valid driver’s licence to rent a car.
4 Read the rental contract thoroughly so you know how much the policy excess is and what the insurance coverage includes. Other practical things to know are the security deposit and the number of ‘free kilometres’ included.
5 Inspect your car for damage beforehand and check that everything works. Check the lighting, claxon, air-conditioning, automatic windows, seatbelts, and whether you have a spare wheel.
6 Make sure your rental company provides emergency numbers, for instance if the car breaks down during the rental period or in case of an accident.
7 You usually need a credit card to rent a car. The credit card serves as a guarantee for the security deposit.
8 Make sure to check the car for damage, scratches and dents. In case of small visible defects when you pick up the car, make sure they are specified in the rental contract. Making a photo is also good practice. It avoids discussion and you can’t be charged for existing damage.
9 When returning your rental car, always check for damage. If you caused any damage, the rental agency can charge you. Tip! Make a photo of the damage for your own administration.

And finally (10), make sure you are aware of traffic regulations in Holland.

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